Martin George

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Artist Sculptor Australia

In this troubled world of earthquakes, floods, wars and global warming,
it is a sheer delight to find a dedicated sculptor with such an ironic sense of
humour and a highly developed sense of the ridiculous.

While Martin George can undoubtedly make a totally convincing piece of modernist sculpture, viewable from all directions and immaculately constructed, he also likes in catching the spectator unawares. Things are frequently not quite as they first seem …

Classical Dynamism

My current enquiry focuses on condensing human dynamism into a sculptural form, framing it through a post human lens. Classical Dynamism consists of a stainless steel form placed atop a marble monolith, I wish to investigate how we can learn about ourselves through the artifacts we leave behind.
“George pairs his finely finished metal pieces with an old leather basketball, a bowl of pretzels or an elegant marble coffee table with a crude iron weight. Sturdy, but energetic, Georges works are interactive, restless and even kinetic.”