Nicholas Uhlmann

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In an attempt to understand and contain the world and its objects we unwittingly create a false reality of names and labels which in turn makes it difficult to truly see the underlying phenomena and its interconnectedness to all things in space. For example, a flower only exists reliant upon its parts. Take away the petal, stamen and stem and where has the flower gone? If we really look at objects and experience things without concentrating on naming them, then we can start to understand this underlying reality.

With its unique lack of function and relation to recognisable ‘labels’, my sculpture invites the viewer to experience seeing an object and its parts for what they are. When I make a sculpture I am meditating on the process of layering and joining separate parts and am consequently baffled and excited when the ‘sculpture’ emerges. When encountering these works I also hope the viewer can sense a kind of logic and beauty not experienced in everyday objects. 

Generally we interact with the form composition as a whole, yet without the unique contribution and placement of each part, the whole could not exist. Many layered components illustrate the dynamic interplay of life and consciousness. The process of layering and riveting highlights the necessity of each part in creating the overall sculptural form. Considering this, may the viewer not only communicate with the sculpture as a whole but also sense an expression of the interconnected nature of life.