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Andrew Rogers Sculpture

Andrew Rogers is a leading contemporary artist based in Melbourne, Australia. He regularly exhibits internationally and his critically acclaimed sculptures and photographs can be found in many private and prominent public collections in Australia, South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. His works have been commissioned by several leading world figures and can be seen in buildings and plazas worldwide.

In 1998, already known for his sophisticated bronze sculptures, Rogers was inspired by the immensity of the Arava desert in Israel to step outside of the constraints of the traditional sculptural object and to begin the largest contemporary land art undertaking on Earth, “Rhythms of Life”, which now forms a chain of 51 massive stone structures, or geoglyphs, spanning the globe. To date, the project has involved over 7,500 people, in 16 countries across seven continents. Rogers has been commended for collaborating with local governments and communities to create temporary industries in each of his structure’s locations, meaning that the geoglyphs are not only “public art projects” but “public works projects” too.

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