Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski

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Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski is an artist based in Sydney, Australia. Born in Ohrid, Macedonia, he trained as a mechanical engineer before moving to Australia and graduating from the National Art School with a BFA in 2003. He works primarily in bronze and stainless steel and his works most commonly explore the nature of the metaphysical and infinite, through contemporary designs, where connection and continuity are the central elements. More than 110 sculptures have been privately and publicly commissioned from Krstanoski-Blazeski to date, and his works have featured in solo exhibitions internationally, from Seoul to Paris to Macedonia.

Krstanoski-Blazeski has won many prizes and special awards throughout his career, including the Mosman Festival of Sculpture, the Blacktown City Gallery’s Art Reference Group Prize and the Jaguar Artist’s Subsidy through Sculpture by the Sea. He has been commissioned by Macquarie Bank and  the Wolli Creek/Rockdale Council to create works for outdoor spaces to be enjoyed by the public.