Karl Meyer

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Artist Sculptor
Karl Meyer is an Australian based artist and designer with a track-record in creating and developing artworks and sculptures over the past decade. A fascination with the evolution of ideas, and how they influence people and the physical environment, led Karl to study Industrial Design in the early 1990’s.
He has blended his art practice with his proficiency as an industrial designer since 1993 and has a reputation for bringing originality and fascination to his approaches, always encouraging engagement, interaction and a sense of curiosity to the work.
Karl is the Managing Director of two companies; Exhibition Studios and Urban Objects which he founded in 1999. He has completed major art commissions in South Australia, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland. Meyer uses the physical form of sculpture as a medium to engage people within the environment, stirring the imagination, and giving them pause to reflect on their surroundings. He is recognised for creating works that are whimsical and thought provoking, bringing originality and inviting enquiry.
‘Foci’ Stainless Steel, 2 pac paint 170x270x160cm
The artwork is indicative of natural processes; a reflection of form and sequencing throughout nature that directly connect to scale within the natural world. It seeks to evoke a sense of life.
Through this work, I invite the viewer to move into a space of speculation, provoking a desire for splendor and beauty. Working with tactile materials, exploring the concepts of form and space, I seek to awake the viewer’s sense of curiosity, inviting the observer to move into a place of reflection.

The form is self-referencing within the broader environment, an entity in its own right. The work expresses unfolding and growth, building a visual sense of opening and expansion. It is evocative of the wider natural world and seeks to evoke a sense its surrounding and contextualize the viewer. Working with reflective stainless steel mirrors the immediate environment through the simplicity of a dynamic patterning and replication.