Michael Baird

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Michael Baird is a New Zealand born sculptor based in New South Wales, Australia. He studied graphic design at CPIT in Christchurch and worked in Glass Decoration for several years before travelling the world and eventually finding his way to sculpture while working for a Sydney-based company which specialised in decorative finishes, murals and 3D works. During this time, he studied Ornamental Ironwork and Welding and then went on to form his own Decorative Finish and Theming Company, supplying artworks for all of the public and VIP areas in the Olympic Stadium in 2000.

In 2001, Baird formed a partnership making and installing Architectural Sculpture in

Australia and overseas before relocating to the Kanimbla Valley in the Blue Mountains area of New South Wales in 2005 to focus on his own work. Since then, his work has been featured in Belle and Vogue Living magazines and he has been commissioned for numerous public and private works. His sculptures are currently held in private collections in Australia, Dubai, Macau, China, Singapore and Thailand.