Steven Bellosguardo

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Artist Sculptor
Observations of human interaction and body language as dialogue initiated an exploration of sculptural forms engaging with one another. Between every human and form, an interaction takes place; as we approach others we choose to acknowledge and engage, or ignore and isolate. During these exchanges a tension is created, positive or negative. I am interested in these interactions, the connections made, the dialogue, the emotion, and curiosities that are formed.
As I explore these exchanges and observe the behaviours of others, I find myself questioning the social norms, the roles class and background play upon identity, and the masks people wear.
Essentially we are all the same, and so I make sculpture that engages and interacts with people because they are human, because they can sense and feel, not because they were born a particular distance from the equator, or groomed to identify with individual cultures of a time period. The art that resonates with society is that which speaks to all, it conjures curiosity, sparks imagination, draws emotion, and communicates with the viewer on a primal level.
We are all born of this earth and our time here will pass, what lies between is subject to an infinite number of variables and yet the same outcome. The question is then how we perceive ourselves to be so different from one another when fundamentally we are not; you need not speak the same tongue to understand the language of the body.