Wendie McCaffley

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Artist sculptor

For the past 19 years I have worked in the medium of forged steel, predominantly on ornamental architectural ironwork commissions.

Working within a 1880s industrial blacksmithing workshop at the
Eveleigh Locomotive Railway yards I have had the unusual opportunity of having some pretty serious gear at my disposal. I utilize machinery that was associated
in the past with the forging of parts for steam Locomotives.

In the  new series of sculptures the initial conception was to create feature pieces
with a retro 60 / 70’s retro feel, to add “groove” to any space.

Composing together irregular geometric shapes creates a strong visual effect and by means of certain methods some parts are in silhouette while others have more of a flat surface. These surfaces acquire an earthy textural quality during forging. It is this sort of immediate dimensional change in the steel that is so fascinating about forged steel. When hot it responds to the hand (or power hammer) at the bidding to the imagination.