Zygmunt Libucha

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Zygmunt Libucha is a Brisbane based artist. Having been known to work in wood, granite and sandstone, he now works primarily in bronze and marble, and is influenced by the richness and beauty of the Australian landscape, often paying particular attention to its animals and flowers. He creates both figurative and abstract works.

Libucha was born in Poland and trained as a silversmith in Gdansk, before migrating to Australia in 1982, where he continued to work as a silversmith until 1997 when he became a full-time sculptor. His many years of professional experience created a great need for intricate details in his sculpture work, and he now works very slowly, aspiring to enjoy every piece of stone for as long as possible. Libucha has had four solo exhibitions of his work in Sydney and Brisbane, and has also been featured in many group exhibitions.