My sculpture is concerned with camouflage and its relation to form transformation and illusions of materiality. Through the use of pattern, light, and scale, camouflage can change the perception of form. A natural phenomenon, camouflage can be adopted to disguise man-made objects and blend them into their immediate localities.

It transforms the artificial into the organic and disintegrates structure by making it appear to shape-shift.

In my sculptures, colour schemes and markings obliquely reference nature, but the choice of synthetic paints and their method of application render them completely artificial. This process removes the camouflage patterns from their normal context, highlighting the juxtaposition of imitation and the organic, and accentuating the sculptures by disguising them, paradoxically, in a conspicuous manner.

Scale plays an important role in the development of the sculptures. In some, the use of industrial-sized pipe questions issues of proportion in relation to perception. Others are painted in highly visible monochromes, traditionally associated with steel sculptures, to create an illusion of materiality – the work appears to be constructed from a metal or base material other than plastic. The sculptures’ scale diminishes when placed into an expansive context, and, conversely, increases when introduced into a confined capacity. Recognition of its mass is influenced by the volume that surrounds it.

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