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“Adam” is a collaboration between Artists John Gardner and Helena Lillywhite.

ADAM   –  Edition 1/2

Aluminium on timber plinth   – 194x70x40cm  (including timber plinth )  

Together they had previously collaborated on a sculpture of Juanita Nielsen out of respect to her and her brave stance against big time building developers in the Potts Point area and surrounds. This stance is believed to have ultimately cost her her life.

Following in this vein, they decided to create a similar portrait of Adam Goodes in support for his fortitude, perseverance and strength of character while becoming a target of racial abuse during his time in the Australian Football League.

Because it was so public, his story has now helped to highlight the sensitivity of this situation and brought awareness to the effects and devastation that words can cause. He unwittingly has helped to pave the way towards educating others and showing how racist behaviour is unacceptable and that we need to move forward together in unity.


The sculpture process was quite lengthy; Firstly the image was created via computer and several drafts were created and amended in order to get the right “look and feel” that the artists were after.

The individual pieces were then cut and each one was prepared for the final painting process which was done in stages.

The construction was intricate, as the pieces had to match up accurately and the spacing had to be right, in order for the overall image to work.

Lastly the timber plinth was constructed. In total the creation took around 8 months from initial concept to completion.




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