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‘Neo’ -Unique Contemporary Stainless Steel Sculpture
Built from fabricated 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Rod, painstakingly hand cut and hand welded together piece by piece, ground and polished to a mirror finish, means Chen’s “Neo” is an incredibly technically impressive sculptural work. The finished sculpture stands almost 2.3 metres tall and its significant weight of 175kg makes this artwork difficult to ignore.

On first inspection “Neo” looks to be a relatively simple Disc like form. Look a little closer and we see that the beautiful organic movement of this magnificent netted steel coil suggests an internal energy, perhaps a tension or force from within, but also hints at the idea of manipulative and constrictive outside forces too.

The work contrasts the energy of the individual against the energies of the world and the cosmos.

Chen notes that the many objects that human beings tend to surround themselves with are cold, sterile and machine made. These objects only bring feelings of tension rather than feelings of relaxation. “Entwine” was created to counteract these negative feelings by promoting positive ideas, releasing positive energies and encouraging a positive flow.

Chen finds deep personal and spiritual satisfaction in knowing his artwork helps to inspire and push others to pursue a more meaningful existence in their day to day lives.

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