New Growth

In just 100 years with the help of technology the human race has mapped, inhabited, deforested, mined and bombed practically most of the surface area of our planet.
There are no islands left uncharted or mountains left that haven’t been climbed. We have built submarines to explore our deepest oceans and we have sent spaceships to the edge of our solar system to photograph Pluto and Uranus.
We have created vast cavities in the outer crust of our planet to mine the fuel we need for all of our endeavors.
The human race is at the crossroads, one of the few mysteries left in the world is how to stop the planet from heating up and forcing the human race into extinction.
We are ill equipped to meet this challenge as most of the governments of this world still favour the old technology, mining with heavy machinery, the fuel for our power under ground, in Hell, instead of embracing new technology to harness the ever increasing, unlimited free heat provided by our sun from the heavens.

We must focus more on nature, move from fossil fuels and rely on nature and the use of wind and solar technology to slow the now inevitable rise in temperature of our planet Earth.