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Contemporary Sculpture
Hot dip galvanised mild steel and oxidised corten steel
Tsunami is part of a body of work inspired by the force and intensity of water. It explores the dynamic flow and force of rivers, waves, currents, tsunami and storms and their interaction with geographic and geological features – rocks, river banks, reefs, coral, seaweed forests. These works are significantly influenced by mythical and archaeological imagery, such as the Chimaera and ancient megalithic structures.
Constructed through additive processes, the components are pre-formed and joined symbiotically. Thus, they relate to each other as surfaces, as individual entities and as parts of the whole. The interplay of the spaces and hollows between the components is as important as the individual parts themselves. Tension results from the desire to integrate these spaces and to explore how they respond to each other, the physical elements, and the piece as a whole.
I continue to use the same marine metaphors: the water and the sea are represented by the galvanised steel ‘framework’ elements (a continuous u-shape with long parallel arms for the calm sea, and awkwardly angled and disjointed for the stormy/angry sea), and the naturally-patinated weathered (by rain and water) Corten steel elements represent the land, reefs, the sea bottom . . . . the land at the edge of the sea.

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