Shell Cove Sculpture Walk – 2023


On Now⁠ untill November ⁠15
 An exhibition of Australian Contemporary sculpture

The Shellcove Sculpture Walk 2023 is happening now!  dotted along the new Shell Harbour Marina & Esplanade is some of the finest Large-Scale Australian sculpture – featuring from work from artists Astra Parker, Ben Fasham, Greg Johns, Andrew Kasper, Chris Flenley, Todd StuartMargaret Sheridan, Clancy Warner & David McCracken.  

With over 40 contemporary Australian sculptures to peruse, this  exhibition makes for an amazing opportunity to view some of the best Australian Sculptural artworks in a truly spectacular location.  The Walk runs the length of the foreshore, parks and restaurants.


figurative timber outdoor sculpture

All Sculptures on Display have the relevant information displayed with a quick link QR code for enquiries


13 Marina Dr, Shell Cove NSW 2529

1800 646 131

all sculptures are available for purchase
private and commercial enquiries welcomed.

Sculpture on Display

Abstract Sculpture

Cube Melt – 110cm

Landmark Sculpture

Clawed – 330x89cm

Clancy Warner sculpture

The People, Dear Heart – 2.2m

Abstract Sculpture

Muse of time, Study – 120cm

Jen Mallinson

Sowelu Hum – 2m

Andrew Kasper

Fire – 2m

Landmark Sculpture

Still Standing – 3m

Abstract Sculpture

Bathing Woman-Swaying 260cm

Michelle Klisowski

Evolution II – 1.6m

Figurative Sculpture

Kin – 3m

Mark Niglia

Willow – 2.0m H

Paul Mutimer

Eclipse – 120cm

Emmy Mavroidis

Run Like This – 1.1m

Abstract Sculpture

Muse of Time – 260cm

Phillip Piperidis

Conversations – 2.4m

Alex Scheibner

CubeStack 18 – 225cm

Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski

Circus – 1.4m

Chris Flenley

ADAPT – 3m

Clancy Warner sculpture

Of Milk and Honey – 1.8m [x5]

Abstract Sculpture

Muse of time, Flight – 2.5

Corten-Steel Sculpture

Mindful – 2m

Andrew Kasper

Together – 2m

Corten-Steel Sculpture

Wavering Circle – 150cm

Abstract Sculpture

Synergy – 2.75m

Mark Niglia

King – 2.45m H

Abstract Sculpture

Dance – 120cm

Phillip Piperidis

Reflections – 2m [3of3]

Margaret Sheridan

Bird Form – 1.8m

Abstract Sculpture

Bathing Woman – 2.3m

Animal Sculpture

Octopus – 60cm

David McCracken

Rocket – 2.1m

Animal Sculpture

Hungry Egret -4.5m