Walsh Bay Sculpture Walk  – 2021  //  On now⁠ untill September 

Hosted by ARTPark Australia – An exhibition of Australian Contemporary sculpture

The Walsh Bay Sculpture Walk 2021 is happening now! Visit the Walsh Bay Arts precinct, and discover some of the finest Australian sculpture – from artists like James Parrett, Greg Johns, Belinda Mason and Stephen Coburn.

With over 40 contemporary Australian sculptures to peruse, this extended exhibition makes for an amazing opportunity to view some of the best Australian Sculptural artworks in a truly spectacular sydney location


COVID UPDATE: all sculpture on display at walsh bay is able to be viewed digitally from the comfort and safety of your own home. 



All Sculptures on Display have the relevant information displayed with a quick link QR code for enquiries  – An Exhibition Guide for this walk is also available for download.

Dawes Point, NSW
Sydney – 2000
Access & Parking  via Hickson rd

1800 646 131


all sculptures are available for purchase
private and commercial enquiries welcomed.

Sculpture on Display at Walsh Bay