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Off The Face Of It

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Corten and stainless steel sculpture by Nicole Allen
ArtPark at D’Arenberg exhibition 2018

Ever since the first human scratched in sand an outline of another human, artists have been striving to portray their own interpretation of the human form. Very few have achieved perfection. And nor should they.
It is ‘the’ on-going struggle, of all figurative artists. And like those figurative artists before her, Nicole is constantly striving to explore the many different, and un-expected representations of the human form.
Her works haven’t, nor ever will be confined to just one medium, or one representation.
Whether using stainless or Cor 10 steel, cast aluminium, stone or a combination of all, and whether exploring the use of negative or positive space, this body of work is a retrospective of her continuing figurative journey.

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