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Artist sculptor

Folko Cooper

Specialising in Corten Steel Sculpture

Kooper Tasmania is a creative partnership between Folko Kooper and Maureen Craig. Focusing on garden sculpture and water features we specialise in limited ranges and one-off pieces. Our work incorporates corten/mild steel, glass, bronze, stainless steel and stone. Placed where they are most at home in a garden setting, the works agreeably complement and form pleasant contrasts with grass and greenery, foliage and flowers.
Folko established his reputation as a sculptor with several shows in NSW.
The business is now well established at our sculpture garden and studio at ‘Oakwood’, a historic 1830s Georgian home set amongst 60 oak trees on 32 acres, half an hour north of Hobart.
The sculpture is showcased every year at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show which has also been an important source of interstate and international commissions. As successful self-supporting artists, we understand the need to keep our output fresh through development and innovation.