Jane Valentine

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Jane Valentine, an Australian artist and sculptor, embarked on a transformative journey of artistic exploration that would take her across continents and centuries. Born in Sydney, her creative journey began at the Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE, where she honed her artistic talents and earned a Diploma of Visual Arts in 1988. Seeking further education, she pursued a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University, graduating in 1990.

It was during her studies in Florence, Italy, at the prestigious Studio Art Centre International, that Valentine encountered the captivating world of sculpture, specifically the allure of marble. Immersed in the rich heritage of the Tuscan region, where marble quarries echo with the legacy of luminaries like Michelangelo, she found her true artistic calling. Italy became her artistic sanctuary, a place where she could refine her skills and delve into the timeless craft of stone carving.

Drawn to the renowned sculpting village of Pietrasanta, nestled at the foot of the Carrara Mountains, Valentine made this coastal haven her home. Here, she immersed herself in the ancient artistry and techniques passed down through generations of artisans. For seven years, Valentine delved into the world of marble, dedicating herself to honing her craft and collaborating with local masters in the marble workshops that had been frequented by revered artists such as Michelangelo and Moore. This profound apprenticeship shaped her artistic sensibilities and instilled in her a reverence for the traditional methods that sculpture carries within its very essence.

Although deeply rooted in tradition, Valentine is a modern practitioner who embraces the opportunities afforded by the 21st century. Passionate about technology, she fearlessly explores new tools and methodologies, incorporating them into her artistic process. Global in her outlook, she traverses the globe, sourcing materials, engaging in conversations, and finding working spaces that span continents. From China to Egypt and back to her beloved Pietrasanta, Valentine’s artistic endeavors know no borders.

Valentine’s sculptures embody her quest to capture the essence of things, particularly the delicate and feminine. With an intuitive approach, she allows the material to guide her, embracing the unknown and uncovering hidden beauty within each block of stone. Every journey to find the perfect marble is undertaken with care and precision, seeking the harmonious resonance of tapping marble and the ethereal illumination of early morning light.

Recognized and celebrated for her exceptional talent, Jane Valentine’s sculptures grace the collections of esteemed private, public, and corporate entities worldwide. Her work has garnered acclaim through numerous solo and group exhibitions across Australia and Italy, showcasing her prowess in creating evocative forms. Notably, her participation in the 1999 International Sculpture Symposium in Chang Chun, China, solidified her international reputation, with her masterpieces finding a permanent home in the prestigious International Sculpture Park.

Jane Valentine, a sculptor of profound skill and vision, bridges the divide between traditional artistry and contemporary exploration. Through her heartfelt dedication to her craft, she breathes life into inert matter, crafting pieces that resonate with a timeless beauty and a profound understanding of the feminine essence.