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Contemporary Sculptor
To mention a few countries – Monaco, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai,  Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia & China, Chen’s sculpture creativity and workmanship has been appreciated from all corners of the globe. His works have been placed both within well known commercial commissions, luxury super yachts & with numerous prominent private collectors.
To understand Chen the sculptor more deeply; he states that some people may not know who he is, but for sure will know him if they come to understanding his sculpture. Chen does not believe in mass produced processes in creating his art as to do this he feels the art will not be authentic & will lose its human feeling & personality. To ensure that this does not happen he is always personally involved in every step of the creation to ensure his skill, craftsmanship, emotion, talent & level of exceptional quality are integral in every step of the process. The combination of these elements ensures a beautiful outcome to be appreciated not only with the eyes, but also to feel with the heart & mind.
He loves to create harmony in each of his pieces by combining natural materials that are exciting in their contrast but still retaining a degree of softness & random effect that gives a humanize appeal. He says that unfortunately this is contrary to the many objects human beings tend to surround themselves with, that are cold, sterile, machine made which produce a feeling of tension rather than a natural state of relaxation.
Chen states that a hallmark of innovative art is the deeper understanding of emotion & applying this to the latest industrial technology & techniques. It is also the willingness to experiment with a material or technique to the point of fully understanding it. Chen is not comfortable in accepting the limits of innovation, trends or knowledge of current techniques & technology. He is on a continually mission to exhaustively explore, learn, develop new ways to express emotion through his sculpture creations …. And this is why many avid collectors wait in anticipation to view and understand his next creations.
For Chen, to know that he has touched others with his art & inspiration is of great importance in his spiritual journey of life.
He only wishes & hopes that the onlookers of his art will also have the feeling of joy as was the emotion that he experienced during the creation of each master piece.