On Now⁠

Hosted by ARTPark Australia – An exhibition of Australian Contemporary sculpture

The Woolloomooloo Sculpture Walk 2022 is happening now!  dotted along the iconic Finger Wharf  is some of the finest Australian sculpture – featuring from work from artists Astra Parker, Ben Fasham, Greg Johns, Stephen Glassborow, James Parrett, Todd Stuart& David McCracken.  With over 40 contemporary Australian sculptures to peruse, this extended exhibition makes for an amazing opportunity to view some of the best Australian Sculptural artworks in a truly spectacular Sydney location.  The Walk runs the length of the boardwalk and continues inside the concourse behind the restaurants. 

Continuing along the boardwalk and in front of the terraces, towards Mrs Macquarie’s  Chair.  

All Sculptures on Display have the relevant information displayed with a quick link QR code for enquiries

Sculpture on display on through the hotel lobby,
and level 2 concourse.

Continuing along the boardwalk and infornt of the terraces, towards mrs macquaries chair. 

1800 646 131


all sculptures are available for purchase
private and commercial enquiries welcomed.

Sculpture on Display at Woolloomooloo

Inna Moshkovich

Sydney Seagulls 120cm

Helena Lillywhite


Michelle Klisowski

Evolution II – 1.6m x 1m

Wendie McCaffley

BIG BANG – 2.2m

Martin George

Classical Dynamism

Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski

Circus – 1.4mx1.8m (Unique)

Lorry Wedding-Marchioro

String Theory II – 160cm

Margaret Sheridan

Remembering the Forests

Alex Scheibner


Australian Sculptures

Round Cell 2

Todd Stuart

Giant Octopus

James Parrett


Phillip Piperidis

Conversations – 2.4m

Rae Bolotin

Red Peel Poem

Astra Parker

Perpetual Generation

Tobias Bennett

Spheres – 2.4 & .9m

Stephen Glassborow


Mark Niglia

Merci – 1.8m

Emmy Mavroidis

Run Like This

Greg Johns

Guardian – 2.4m

David McCracken

Rocket – 2m

Helena Lillywhite

Sir Joseph Banksia – 2.1m

Alex Scheibner

Cubestack 15 – 1.9m

Australian Sculptures


Alex Scheibner

Stack Cube #9

Clancy Warner

Of Milk and Honey

Stephen Glassborow

Sulphur Crested Cocky

Mark Niglia

San Leo – 2.4m

Australian Sculptures

Tranquility – 2.5m

Australian Sculptures

Excavator – 120cm

Gary Christian

Forest Orphan 1

Ben Fasham


Max Lyle

Survivor 4

Australian Sculptures


Gary Christian

Forest Orphan 2

Chris Flenley


Aldo Bilotta


James Parrett

M-Forty Two – 1.5m

Bert Flugelman

Tetrapus -Unique