Bronze sculpture

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Stephen Glassborow

Body Corporate

Larissa Smagarinsky

Born to Dance

Todd Stuart

Boxed In

Peter Lundberg

Conspirator – 1.8m

Larissa Smagarinsky

Dance Movement 1

Michael Vaynman

Death of a Star

Todd Stuart

Dreamtime 1/12

Ben Fasham


Bronze sculpture


Bronze sculpture

Flat Out (Red)

Stephen Glassborow

Frequent Flyer

Bronze sculpture

Garden Wallpaper #2

Todd Stuart

Giant Octopus

Bronze sculpture

Hali – Cascade

Abstract Sculpture


Alex Piperidis

High Chairs 270x70cm

Clara Hali


Stephen Glassborow


Bronze sculpture

Inner City Hero

Bronze sculpture

Jupiter 2

Spherical Sculpture


Abstract Sculpture

Lacunae [limited series]

Table-Top Sculpture


Stephen Glassborow


Table-Top Sculpture


Table-Top Sculpture

Mobius Curve

Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski

Moon on Tides -1.6m

Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski

Moulin Rouge 1.75m

Landmark Sculpture


Emmy Mavroidis

Observing Ourselves

Stephen Glassborow

On The Nose

Stephen Glassborow

On the Nose (Blue)

Landmark Sculpture


Bronze sculpture

Part # 6

Peter Lundberg

Party Animal

Bronze sculpture

Perception and Reality

Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski

Regeneration of a Princess

Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski

Regeneration of the Princess 1.9m

Table-Top Sculpture

RH DNA Double Helix

ARTpark Australia offers a large range of bronze sculpture from leading Australian artists. Bronze is a highly durable, hard-wearing material made to last the test of time. We are proud to showcase the work of many highly regarded artists in our stunning collection of bronze sculpture including sculpture from Larissa Smagarinsky, Michael Vaynman, Stephen Glassborow, Ben Storch, Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeski and more. ARTpark Australia offers bronze sculpture for Outdoor, Indoor, and commercial placements.

Contemporary Bronze Sculpture

Contemporary sculpture is becoming increasingly popular in the art world.

A big part of the popularity of this type of sculpture is due to the fact that contemporary sculptures are made with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. A lot of contemporary sculptures are made out of bronze, which can last for centuries, and often become more valuable as time goes on.

There are a few common movements that have been incorporated into contemporary sculpting, including; geometric abstraction, surrealism, pop art, futurism, figurative and much more.

Figurative Bronze Sculpture

View our collection of bronze figurative works – Sculpture Celebrating the wonderful form and movement of the human body.

Abstract Bronze sculpture

View our collection of bronze Abstract works – Creative Sculpture that desires to create conversation, test the extent of a material or explore a theoretical concept in a physical space.

ARTpark Australia

ARTpark Australia works with sculptors from all over the country and facilitates the entire process, from showcasing the artwork to conception of the works, and finally to delivery and installation of the art on-site. We also ensure payment is secure to alleviate any worries.

We have the largest variety of sculptures in Australia and work closely with architects, property developers, landscape designers, interior designers, collectors, and private individuals to find the perfect piece for every space.

Our Sculptors

We work with both established and emerging artists from all around Australia, all of whom have worked hard to master their subject and bring a range of stunning creations to suit any palate.

The Sculpture we present is Unique or limited edition, and of exceptional quality. The artists we represent have worked hard to master their technique. Contact us if you would like any more information about the artists or their works.

Custom Pieces & Sculpture Commissions.

All items on the website are available as they are, however, most of our sculptors are practising and are willing to make adjustments to future editions or work with clients to design bespoke pieces.

Exceptional Quality Bronze

ARTpark Australia only represents and presents sculptural work of the highest quality and finish. All of our Bronze Sculpture are forged and formed in Australia’s leading metal foundries. Bronze sculpture made to a high standard with a quality patina will look the same to you as it will to your great grand children. ARTpark also verifies all sculptural works with an authenticity certificate – Guaranteeing the edition number and provenance of every sculptural artwork.

Popularity in the Art Market

Bronze is a popular choice for contemporary sculpture - Bronze has a very distinctive look that can add a touch of elegance to any space. bronze is also very adaptable material that can be cast into almost any form, making it very versatile for artists.

Many people see contemporary bronze sculptures as an investment and something that will appreciate in value over time. There are many reasons why. First, bronze is an incredibly strong material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. With minimal maintenance a bronze sculpture will look as good the day it was constructed as it will in many years to follow. This also makes it ideal for outdoor sculptures exposed to the elements.

Browse our exceptional range of Contemporary bronze sculptures

The Bronze Casting Process

Most Bronze sculpture is made through a casting process. Using what is known as Lost Wax technique Beginning with the sculptor creating their artwork through their preferred initial medium. Once the design is complete, the sculptor fashions a mould of the work.

Molten wax is poured into this rigid mould and swirled around until an even coating is achieved, usually about 3 mm thick, covers the inner surface of the mould. This is repeated until the desired thickness is reached. This hollow wax copy of the original model is removed from the mould.

Each hollow wax copy is then "chased": a heated metal tool is used to rub out the marks that show where the pieces of the mould came together. The wax is dressed to hide any imperfections. The wax now looks like the finished sculptural piece.

The wax copy is dipped into a sand-like ceramic stucco. This shell is allowed to dry, and the process is repeated until at least a half-inch coating covers the entire piece. The bigger the piece, the thicker the shell needs to be. The core is also filled with fire-proof material.

The ceramic shell-coated piece is placed in a kiln, hardening the silica coatings into a shell, and the wax melts and runs out Now all that remains of the original artwork is the negative space formerly occupied by the wax, inside the hardened ceramic shell.

Metal is melted in a furnace, then poured carefully into the shell. The shell has to be hot also otherwise the temperature difference would shatter it. The filled shells are then allowed to cool.

The shell is hammered or sand-blasted away, releasing the rough casting. Just as the wax copies were chased, the casting is worked until the telltale signs of the casting process are removed, so that the casting now looks like the original model. Pits left by air bubbles in the casting and the stubs of the spruing are filed down and polished.

Finishing process can now by applied the sculpture. - Common choices are highly polished finish or a coloured patina.

As you can imagine this is a highly technical process that takes years to perfect.

Sculpture FAQs

Do you do home consultations?

Yes within the Sydney region, We will Visit and discuss sculpture placement. We can also provide examples of recommended sculpture and artists from a brief phone call or online questionnaire.

How much do Bronze sculpture cost?

Sculpture price varies depending on the size, complexity of the design, number of editions in the series and whether you have commissioned the piece or not. Contact us if you require further information about the cost of a bronze sculpture. Surprisingly Bronze is the slightly more affordable option when comparing to a cast stainless-steel sculpture of similar dimension.

What is a Patina?

Instead of a polished bronze finish which does require some maintenance to remain bright and shiny. A patina can be applied to metal sculptures. A patina is as forced chemical reaction causing oxidization of the metal to produce a protective coating. A patina can be produced In an amazing array of colour and effects, from soft blues, bright greens or rich browns & blacks. we have many examples on hand to show off this technique.

Can you deliver around Australia?

We have extensive experience of working on projects all around Australia. We provide an end-to-end service. Consulting, delivering & installing to private and commercial clients.

Can you deliver internationally?

Yes- ARTpark facilitates the transport of sculpture to all major international cities through specialist freight channels.