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Contemporary Landmark Sculpture
Big Yellow Taxi

This yellow sculpture is here to welcome the spring.
Spring brings the hope that everything can begin again, and I want this sculpture to convey happiness and joy.
During the swinging 60’s there was a song called “Big Yellow Taxi” by Joni Mitchell. When I first heard this song, I felt uplifted, funky and happy, it would make me dance and laugh. But when I finally listened to the words, I realized that the song is actually about something very dark, it is about large corporations destroying nature, loss and regret.
In the late 1980’s corporate money wanted to tear down this Finger Wharf, protest and public opinion saved it and that is why it is still here today for all of us to enjoy.
The underlying meaning of this sculpture is that we should always say what we really think. Although we should find a way to say it with respect, we should raise our voice to defend what is precious to us.
Stephen Coburn 2018

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